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1. It is a fine day. The sun _________k歌之王,奥利司他,colg-雷竞技下载网址_雷竞技下载链接_雷竞技下载二维码_(shine) brightly.
2. They ___________(visit) the Science Museum next Sunday.
3. Mr Brown __________(live) in Beijing since he came to China.
4. Mr Wang ___________(teach) us English two years ago.
5. The Smiths _______________( watch) TV at this time last night.
6. We __________(learn) about ten English songs by the end of last term.
7. Father said that he ____________(buy) a new bike for me the next Friday.
8. Bill isn’t here. He ___________(chat) with his friends in the classroom.
9. The teacher said that the风暴兵王 moon __________(go) round the earth.
10. The Young Pioneers will go to the zoo if it ____________(not rain) this Sunday.
11. Listen! They ____________(talk) about the new film.
12. Jim asked us what ___________(happen) in China in 1976.
13. My mobile phone ___________(steal) on a bus last week.
14. The host ____________(interview) k歌之王,奥利司他,colg-雷竞技下载网址_雷竞技下载链接_雷竞技下载二维码the little boy just now.
15. The Greens __________(watch) TV now.
16. He said that he _____________(ring) me up when he got there.
17. We ____________(learn) English for about three years.
18. My brother_____________(join) the League in 1997.
19. The farmers __________(pick) apples when I saw them.
20. The red skirt __________(cost) the girl forty yuan.
21. The film ____________(begin) when I got to the cinema.
22. The girl told me that she wanted to be an English teacher when she _____(grow) up.
23. My sister is a student and she _____________(study) at a middle school nearby.
24. Mr Green __________(travel) to several places in South China since he came here.
25. You _________(catch) the early bus if you get up early.
26. _______you been________(wear) glasses all the time?
27. I’ll go home as soon as I ___________(finish) my homework.
29. Most science books are _______________(write) in English.
30. I ____________(stay) there for two months last year.
31. Tell Lily to call me as soon as she ____. 
  A. will arrive   B. gets there   C. has gone   D. reach here
32. ----Hi, Kate. You look tired. What’s the matter?   ----I ______ well last night.
  A. didn’t sleep   B. don’t sleep   C. haven’t slept   D. won’t sleep
33. ----Excuse me, look at 千间降代the sign over there, please. Could you stop smoking?
   ----Sorry, I ____ that.
  A. didn’t see   B. don’t see   C. won’t see   D. can’t see
34. ----Wek歌之王,奥利司他,colg-雷竞技下载网址_雷竞技下载链接_雷竞技下载二维码ll, I found this. I think it must be yours.
   ----My watch! Thank you. Where _____it.
  A. do you find   B. had you found   C. were you finding   D. did you find
35. ----Don you know when Dr White ____ for dinner this evening?
   ----No, but I think he ____ when he is free.
  A. will come; comes   B. will come; will come
  C. comes; comes   D. comes; will come
36. Look at those black clouds. It _____ rain. Let’s hurry. 
  A. maybe   B. would   C. has   D. is going to
37. ----Jimmy is leaving for a holiday.   ----Really? Where ____ he ____?
  A. has; gone   B. will; go   C. did; go   D. does; go
38. ----Shall we go shopping now?   ----Sorry, I can't. I __文进勇对中越战役点评__ my shirts.
  A. wash   B. washes   C. washed   C. am washing
39. ----I called you yesterday evening, but there was no answer. 
   ----Oh, I am sorry. I ____ dinner at my friend's home.
  A. have   B. had   C. was having   D. have had
40. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower ____ thousands of visitors since 1995.
  A. attracted   B. attracts   C. has attracted    D. will attract
41. ----____you ____ your e-mails today?
   ----Not yet. There's something wrong with my computer.
  A. Have; checked   B. Did; check   C. Do; check   D. Are; checking
42. ----How do you like Beijing, Mr Smith?   ----Oh, I ___ such a beautiful city before. 
  A. don't visit   B. didn't visit   C. haven't visited   D. hadn't visited
43. ----Tom, may I borrow your book Chicken Soup?   ----Sorry, I ____ it to Mary.
  A. lent   B. have lent   C. had lent   D. lend
44. ----Mum, may I go out to play football?
   -----____you ____ your homework yet?
  A. Have; finished   B. Do; finished   C. Are; finishing   D. Did; finish
45. ----The train is leaving right now, but David hasn't arrived yet.
   ----Well, he said he ____here on time.
  A. came   B. will be   C. would come   D. can be
46. ----Why didn't you go to the cinema yesterday?   -----Because I ____ the film before.
  A. had seen   B. have seen   C. have watched   D. has watched
47. I don't think John saw me. He ____ a book at that moment.
  A. just read   B. has just read   C. was just reading   D. had just read
48. Mr Smith ____ a book about China last year but I don't know whether he has潘俊轩 finished
  A. has written   B. wrote   C. had written   D. was writing
49. Mr White ____ the newspaper while his daughter ____TV.
  A. has read; was watching   B. was reading; watched
  C. was reading; was watching   D. reading; watched
50. ---- I ____ you at the meeting. Why?   ----I was ill.
  A. saw    B. have seen   C. not see   D. didn't see
51. The 29th Olympic Games ____ 谌贻章in Beijing in 2008.
  A. hold   B. will hold   C. will be held   D. held
52. Hurry up! The play ____ for ten minutes.
  A. has been on   B. has begun   C. had begun   D. began
53. ----May I speak to Mr Smith?   ----Sorry, he ____ Australia. But he ____ in two days.
  A. has been to; will come back   B. has gone to; will be 硕果的丑闻back
  C. has been in; would come back   D. is leaving for; doesn't come back
54. I can't go to the theater tonight because I ____ my ticket.
  A. have lost   B. had lost   C. will lose   D. was losing
55. ----What a nice bike! Ho韵云w long ____ you ____ it?   ----Just two weeks.
  A. have; bought   B. did; buy   C. have; had   D. are; having
56. ----I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.
   ----Oh, not at all. I ____ here only for a few minutes.
  A. have come   B. had been   C. was   D. have been
57. ----____ my dictionary anywhere?   ---- Yes. I saw it on your desk a moment ago.
  A. Did you see   B. If you see   C. Had you seen   D. Would you see
58. We were all surprised when he mad it clear that he ____ office soon.
  A. leaves   B. would leave   C. will leave   D. had left
59. Mrs Smith ____ her keys in the office阴雕, so she had to k歌之王,奥利司他,colg-雷竞技下载网址_雷竞技下载链接_雷竞技下载二维码wait until her husband ____ home.
  A. has left; comes   B. left; had come   C. had left; would come   D. had left; came

60. ----W曾子岚hat did your son say in the letter?
   ----He told me that he ____ the Disneyland the next day.
  A. would visit   B. has visit   C. is going to visit   D. will visit
61铁总王彦华. In some parts of the world, tea ____ with milk and sugar.
  A. is serving   B. is served   C. serves   D. served
62. ----Did you win the basketball game?   ----Bad luck. Our team ____ in the end.
  A. won   B. beat   C. was won   D.母亲和孩子 was beaten
63. I believe that those mountains ____ with trees in a few years.
  A. are covered   B. will be covered   C. are covering   D. will cover
64. I like my new bike. It ____ very well.
  A. rides   B. is riding   C. is ridden   D. has ridden
65. ----Do you think this kind of apple ____ well?   ----No, I don't think so.
  A. have sold   B. sells   C. are sold   D. would sell
66. I wasn't at home yesterday. I ____ to help with the harvest on the farm.
  A. asked   B. was asked   C. was asking    D. had asked
67. How sweet the music ____! I have never heard a better piece.
  A. sounded   B. is sounded   C. is sounded to be   D. sounds
68. ----Can you 多美娅tell me whom the play ____ in 1998?   ----Sorry, I don't know.
  A. was written by   B. was written   C. is written by   D. is written
69. ---k歌之王,奥利司他,colg-雷竞技下载网址_雷竞技下载链接_雷竞技下载二维码What does the sentence "Don't trouble trouble till trouble ____ you" mean?
   ----Sorry, I have no idea.
  A. trouble   B. troubles   C. troubled   D. will trouble
70. Do you think ____ an English film tomorrow night?
  A. there is &n降服女领导bsp; B. there is going to have   C. there is going to be   D. there was
71. Almost all the water ____ gone. Please save water!
  同志老头A. are   B. is   C. have   D. were
72. Jane ____ a new dress every month when she was in Shanghak歌之王,奥利司他,colg-雷竞技下载网址_雷竞技下载链接_雷竞技下载二维码i.
  A. buys   B. is buying   C. bought   D. will buy
73. ----Who jumps the farthest in your school?   ----Henry _____.
  A. does   B. jumps   C. has   D. did
74. You were on the farm yesterday, ____you?
  A. didn't   B. don't    C. aren't   D. weren't
75. Li Ping studied hard, ____ he?
  A. was   B. did   C. wasn't   D. didn't

76. Both Kate and I ____ ready for the picnic now.
  A. is not   B. is getting   C. are getting   D. am getting
77. A talk on Chinese history ____ in the schoo丰丽婷l hall next week.
  A. is given   B. has been given   C. will be given   D. will give
78. ----I hear your father ____ to Japan once.   ----Yes. He ____ there last year.
  A. went; has been   B. has been; went   C. goes; went   D. has been; has been
79. ----Mike wants to know if ____ a picnic tomorrow.
   ----Of course. But if it ____, we'll visit the museum insk歌之王,奥利司他,colg-雷竞技下载网址_雷竞技下载链接_雷竞技下载二维码tead.
  A. you have; wi返校剧情ll rain   B. you will have; will rain
  C. you will have; rains   D. will you have; rains
80. ----My good friend, Mike, wants to be a soldier when he grows up.
   ----So ____ I.
  A. do   B. am   C. will  D. should
81. It _____ ten years since they ____ to France.
  A. was; moved   B. was; have moved   C. has; have moved   D. ha孙一明s been; mofuliwebved
82. He ____ wait until the rai性感写真集n ____.
  A. won't; will stop   B. won't; stop   C. will; stops   D. will; will stop
83. ----So you went to see the film with Tom.   ----Yes, but Bob ____ with us.
  A. won't go   B. isn't going   C. doesn't go   D. didn't go
84. ----Your name again? I ____ quite catch it.   ----Federico MacAdam.
  A. didn't    B. don't    C. wouldn't    D. won't